Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So readers, I recently discovered this new game called terraria. This is not a minecraft ripoff. Minecraft is a sandbox game and the idea of it has been around for a while. An example of this is the arcade game called motherload. In minecraft, you play in a randomly generated 3D level and mine for different minerals then use those minerals to craft items or build anything your heart desires. In some ways, Terraria is similar, but terraria is way more than that. In Terraria, you play in a randomly generated 2D level and mine for materials that you can craft items with. Sounds like Minecraft to me! But wait, there's more. In terraria, you have many different enemies that you can fight. Terraria has randomly generated caves to explore just like minecraft but in terraria, there are monsters, treasure chests, and even dungeons where you can fight a boss and maybe even get some cool stuff for yourself. Minecraft is more of a sandbox building game and Terraria is more of an adventure game. In the end, both are fun games and I have had a lot of fun playing both.


  1. I love terraria, seriously :D

  2. There's a reason I prefer minecraft, and that's because you run out of content in a couple of days on terraria.

    Minecraft is still entertaining once you've learnt everything.

    Terraria looks fun for a few hours though, not worth the $10.

    Great blog, love the colourful background. Followed.

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  3. hey both games sound like chekim em out right now

    great blog :) congrats

    im also new to this so check mine..any constructive critics are welcome :)